About LacrosseDB

Lacrosse, both professional and otherwise, is growing. With this growth, we are seeing the addition of professional leagues, teams, and an increse in player movement. As a hockey fan, I enjoy tracking players across the numerous leagues that exist across the continent and the world - and that's easy to do using the right website. Until now, Lacrosse has had no such website.

Tracking statistics in professional lacrosse is not easy. A player may have spent years playing in the NLL, MLL and now PLL. But to get a full picture of their career, you have to search their playing history on at least three websites. Even worse, some of these leagues don't do a good job of making historical data accessible.

This is where LacrosseDB comes in. It is meant to be a searchable database of professional lacrosse statistics. You can look up any player who has played in Major League Lacrosse, the National Lacrosse League, or the Premier Lacrosse League, and track their career stats through the years. For example, here's Miles Thompson's page.

Lastly, I should note that this website is still quite raw. It was rushed out before the end of the PLL Championship Series. With our eyes on 2021, a number of features are planned for I am open to feedback and suggestions, but as far as features, your idea is probably already planned. However, if you find any errors in our statistics/records (we are not perfect I'm sure they're out there), or if you have anything else to say, please contact me at